Essentials to become a Dealer

Casinos are so attractive and glamorous from the viewer’s perspective. As a viewer, we find that casino is all roses and nothing less. But, the actual truth is that there is more to casinos that we think and know. There are many people, who work day and night, struggle to give us that wonderful experience. Least we know that the employees even with high qualification sometimes come down and work at a casino, just because they have a passion for business or that role. We might think that the jobs that casino guys do, don’t require any much education. Sometimes even the highly educated would work in a casino for a meagre pay, either to make ends meet or for the passion for that role. We have seen very highly educated folks, working at malls as a security, or even as an elevator operator. Sometimes even the cab or taxi drivers will be highly educated and well settled, but in the field to only quench their thirst for it. We know the dealers in the casino, who deal with all the table games. These dealers, not just deal with the games, they also have additional roles and responsibilities that we might not know. Moreover, not all of them will be least educated for the profile.

So, what’s exactly a dealer’s work? Read on to know more.

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The dealer has many responsibilities based on the workplace he works with. But a typical dealer has the work of mainly dealing with cards, for games like poker, blackjack, being the roulette wheel operator, and helping the patrons at the slot machine terminal. With the environment getting competitive at every level, to sustain in this growing competitive industry the dealer has to multitask, efficiently. It doesn’t end here; he has also the role of a customer service executive, who takes care of

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the needs of the customers. The dealer also must have an eye for the patrons who are clever enough to cheat him! No company will ever allow it, and neither the casinos too. The dealers must keep an eye on everyone around the table, among all the players, to avoid any such changes. They should also be on theconstant watch out for any patrons who might break the rules of the casino. So, apart from learning a little of the play, to make the customers play around, the dealer must also possess the above-said skills.

Let’s see the educational qualification required for this role

Technical skills along with the style of a person and his or her personality form the base for selecting a dealer. Most of the casino dealers attend vocational classes arranged by the casinos itself. The duration doesn’t go beyond 6 weeks. The casino dealers appearing as students don’t just learn about casino rules and regulations but also about the regional laws and regulations.


The basic skillset required for a casino dealer to thrive well in the industry are Interpersonal skills, mathematical skills, and quick hand-eye coordination and presentation skills. The dealer must be good and fluent in communicating with the customers, or clients. He must be friendly, outgoing and jovial. They are considered as the faces of the casino, representing a part of thecasino, and hence expected to put themselves well before the clients, in a way to gain more business. Mathematical calculation ability should be good, better for best. They must be passionate about their work. Last, but not the least, they must also be able to put themselves in a way as to generate more tips for themselves.

With these skills, you can surely become a good dealer, and over the course of time, updating the skills one can become a great dealer, climbing up the ladder to higher casinos. If in case you fail to get the dealer jobs, for many reasons, what are other opportunities that are in front of you? Take a look, what can be your next best role? Visited For

Customer Service Representative (CSE) This work includes communicating with the clients and customer each day, regarding business and provides the needed information. Anything like, complaints, account changes, suggestions and enquiries are handled in this role.

Gaming Surveillance officer This job requires one to be on the toes, patrolling the floors of thecasino, checking for any frauds happening around the floor. It needs a little higher education for this role.