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If you are a newbie to a casino, feeling nervous to enter any gaming area, don’t worry anymore! With us, you will surely feel comfortable within just seconds of arrival. Come on and enrol yourselves at the B cards players club. You can use this card at all of our branches. We have a new brewery attached, all built with loads of experimentation and experiences, we hope you will love to taste our homemade beer, while you engage yourself in the fun fantasy of our casino. You may walk to the hall, and find a huge seating area, filled with loads of delicious and divine smelling foods. Welcome to our dining area!! Our buffets spread has a bit of everything, from steaks to seafood, that favourite mac-n-cheese to the Italian pizza we have it all at our finest dining restaurant! All of this at a low throw away price! If you are thinking of staying with us, our luxurious rooms and villas are always waiting for you! we have the world-class rooms, with all luxury amenities like Jacuzzi in the room, a living area, with dining space and a privacy bedroom, we have it all to makeyour stay memorable with us. We have excellent customer service, who will give you an undivided assistance 24*7 all through your stay with us. In case you are here, looking for opportunities to work with us, we extend a warm welcome! We love working with alike-minded set of people, to grow and improve our business. In case you are the one we are looking for, we will reach out to extend beyond your imaginations to treat you. We have an open-door relationship with all our employees, team members, offering extensive training opportunities are provided as and when required. For those who don’t have a support system at home to take care of their child, you don’t need to quit your career, we offer an in-house child care system, where you can be at peace and your child in the safer hands, at your glance.